Although you can generate some extra income by using cash credit cards (and making sure that you pay your balance in full each month), I have discovered a website oElliot familyangs where it pays to save money instead of spending it: SaveUp .

SaveUp is a free tool that links directly to your bank account. Every time you save money or pay off debts, the site provides credits with which you can win money and win other prizes. In addition, the site contains a section with tips and advice on everything that is financial.

How it works

How it works

Registration for SaveUp only takes a few seconds to complete. Just enter your name and e-mail address and choose a password. Once you have entered your account details, SaveUp will securely connect to your financial institution and check your balances to determine when credits should be awarded. These credits can then be used for chances of winning money to pay off debts, gift cards, electronics, homemade makeup or wardrobe, cars, vacations and a jackpot worth up to $ 2 million. The more you save and pay off debts, the greater your chances of winning.


After registering you will receive 200 credits every time you add an account. You also earn a credit for every dollar you raise in your balance on a savings account, 401k or IRA. In addition, for every dollar you reduce your balance on a student loan, car loan or mortgage, you also receive one calling credit. Finally, you receive one calling credit for every dollar increase on your checking account and one for every $ 2 you have paid to your credit card balance.

SaveUp also offers credits for watching financial videos, filling in quizzes, building your financial profile and referring friends. Once you have reached 10 credits, you can start entering the weekly and monthly drawings for one of the many prizes.

Most important features

Most important features

  • Easy to use . The website is not packed with advertisements or excessive pages to navigate. The site contains only one page where you enter your account information, a page where you choose which prize you want to try to win and a home page that keeps track of your overall saved money and paid debts.
  • High security level . SaveUp comes with the same security level as banks and uses the same back-end technology as TurboTax. And they never sell your information to other organizations. SaveUp does not store your personal data such as account numbers, address or ID numbers. They are also checked by McAfee, VeriSign and TRUSTe.
  • Offers a variety of rewards . The first drawing I entered was for a digital camera with a value of $ 250. However, there are also many valuable prizes; for example a vacation in New York, a car loan and a vacation fund, each with a value of $ 5,000.
  • No fees . SaveUp is 100% free. They do not require any registration fees and there are no hidden fees or annual payments. They work with a variety of brands such as Banana Republic, Virgin America and GameStop to sponsor the majority of the prizes. SaveUp also earns money by delivering leads and advertisements to recommended financial products from banks and other institutions.




  1. Simplicity . You can sign up for SaveUp and enter the information from various bank accounts and credit cards in just a few minutes. From there you just build credits and try to win prizes.
  2. You pay to save . Few websites reward you for saving money. Instead of spending money to earn money back with credit cards, SaveUp rewards you because you want to keep your money. This can be a great motivational tool to change your spending and saving habits.
  3. Informative . In addition to being rewarded for saving, SaveUp also has a blog with a wealth of informative articles ranging from tax tips, home purchase tips, vacation saving strategies, and more.
  4. Versatile . With SaveUp you can earn credits on much more than just your savings account. You can also link just about every debt-bearing or savings account. This includes student loans, mortgages and credit cards, along with checking and savings accounts, 401ks and IRAs.



  1. Cannot transfer money . You cannot transfer money from one linked account to another via SaveUp. You must directly iElliot family log on the website of your bank to perform transactions.
  2. No financial management . SaveUp can reward you for saving money, but they do not offer financial management tools (such as invoices for invoices for payments) in addition to the information on their blog.
  3. Competition entries are limited . Although you can certainly collect credits quickly, you are limited to entering their drawings up to three a day.
  4. Varying chances of winning . SaveUp reveals the chances of winning for many of its prizes, and while there is always a chance, you should not expect that you will win a lot of money from the site. For example, your chance to win the $ 2 million jackpot is 1: 170, 230, 452, comparable to the chances of winning the Powerball lottery. With direct win-tickets on SaveUp, your chances of winning are 1: 25,000,000 for the $ 50,000 prize and 1: 1,000 for the $ 5 prize. There are also drawings for certain smaller prizes, where the odds depend on the number of registrations in a certain period.

Last word


In the end, I think SaveUp is a fantastic motivational tool to encourage users to save money and the more accounts you register on their site, the greater the chance that you will have to win a prize. Although SaveUp has a number of limitations, they are very clear about what they do and don’t do. They may offer benefits to save money, but they do not manage your finances for you. That responsibility is entirely for you. But even if you never win a prize, you will always be rewarded with better financial management.

Have you had any personal experience with SaveUp in the family? Which of the prizes do you want to win?


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