COVID19 a wake-up call to address development loopholes in Asia and the Pacific

When national leadership is starting to act more like virtual reality relies on illusory leadership games, it calls for immediate testing to secure the digital future of the nation’s virtualized economies. Just as billion-mile highways need cars, trillion-node digital highways need smart digital businesses. Just as highways and transport need skilled ministries dedicated to controlling national mobility, digital platform economies also need virtualization; Platform layers, hyper-interactive, live in action, in motion and in execution, floating on global digital arenas and creating mini-micro-mega business opportunities and serving the common good of the world. Futurism requires futuristic literacy.

If there are about 200 nations apart from a tiny number, most nations and their government ministries and departments are already crushed under the weight of their own bureaucracies. Translated into plain language; when a single urgent and serious business query enters a government office building, decked out with thousands of desks and several thousand filing cabinets, waiting for a quick response in a few days, if luck can get a broken response in several months . Those who are slowly going around the world need no proof about it, those who are educated exclusively on social media have the right to cry out in denial. There are many such office buildings, each with several floors, in every city, in every nation. A few billion people occupy such global bureaucracies, strangling their own nations and stealing their own future from future generations. Visible in the light of day, barren landscapes, untapped resources, wasted talents persist as wasted for more than a century. Today, against the tidal wave of near-free technology and digitization, we need quick-fix solutions.

The cruelty of incompetence that ferments over mahogany furniture in dark offices now requires digital guillotines.

The era of paper processing created bureaucracies, Rubber stamps glorified and corner desks hypnotized the fermenting process of incompetence and ensured the permanence of seniority as a gold standard. Like a tsunami, “digitization” is now bureaucratic, deskless and temper tantrums, measured only precisely in the right columns with the right amounts and “real” numbers to evaporate filing cabinets and desks. Productivity, performance and profitability are what have been lacking in recent decades, bringing nations to their knees. The future of governments now measured by meritocracy will rule and manage future economies; the rest will remain hidden in the fog of confusion.

Over a century ago, HG Wells wrote about airplanes and Jules Verne, the submarines. Today we live in an age where digitally floating businesses and practically accessible national economies must thrive. Now, is the turn of our time to optimize the functioning of our “mental powers” far above automation, realize our intellectualism on mechanical robotization, and achieve superior commercialization while holding account for diversity, tolerance and the common good? Now is the time to claim our rights, design our economies and better sustainable lifestyles. A better future awaits.

Nevertheless, in the years to come, eliminating bureaucracies, digitizing businesses and virtualizing economies will quadruple performance nationally for most countries; Unfortunately, this reflection may take another decade for many other countries. Watch their hungry children.

As a raw measure and only available, among the 190 nations of the world, there are only the 20 first nations where *GDP per capita-PPP is around 50,000 USD and up. All others are smaller, for example, than a sample of 50 countries, where their per capita is $ 5,000 or $ 13.00 per day. Now observe that their governments, ministries, institutions, professional associations, chambers and various government agencies are deeply stuck in the last century, stealing their own future. Disconnected with the global era, now clearly visible in all of their frontline teams, this indicates lingering financial calamities. Any 10% to 90% elimination of bureaucratic thinking, indecisive rubber stamp approval dances floor by floor will quadruple their national performance. Nation by nation, the bottlenecks due to the lack of decisive skills now make bureaucracies the most backward border that remains in critical need of reshuffling and requalification of skills, to resist global productivity standards. Therefore, across the board, national economies need to qualify at specified speed and accuracy with due diligence to attract FDI, collaborations and alliances to survive the global age. Local political parties afraid of their own re-elections will never tackle these problems. Immediate testing of any frontline management team from all major departments will expose the severity.

The greatest tragedy It is that all these nations have unlimited talents, great minds and great skill potential, but crushed by bureaucracies, in dark mode, where the sun never rises, where digitization is dreaded for fear of exposing skill levels. New thinking post-vaccinated New World Covidians now have a real chance to weather storms, make mega changes, and create highly effective business models. No country without national mobilization of the hidden talents of entrepreneurship on digital skills upgrading platforms to foster exportability and overseas exposure will survive. This is what Silicon Valley did; study slowly to deeply appreciate the process.

Raising skills as a mandatory test requirement drowned in crypto-economies and fictitious as a success ignoring tent cities, the nation’s biggest losses hidden in the untapped entrepreneurship of national citizens. Read more on Google, how business education has destroyed businesses in Western economies.

Rules of economic revolutions:

Don’t fix it, just break it and start on a new page.
Don’t shoot, improve your skills, get closer to a better future.
Don’t fumble, improve your skills, become a lifelong learner.
Don’t fail, there is no plan B, economic damage is now commonplace.
Don’t run away, take a stand; there is no other way out.
Do not deny a bright future to your next generations.

There are some 100 national elections scheduled for the next 500 days … National leaders must demonstrate their know-how to read Futurism. Identify their local teams with the appropriate expertise to tackle national challenges, respond urgently with the right answers and develop a clear narrative to face realities. Expothonpresents a new agenda, part of a series of global debates with global experts on such daring issues to advance discussions on these mega-change processes.

The strategy: Covidians, survivors of bankruptcy, body bags have little to no tolerance for bureaucracies and with free rains of technology, they have no patience for slow and dysfunctional paper-based economies. The citizens will vote for a real and pragmatic truth. National leaders must face the music and learn to tango: eliminate bureaucracies, virtualized economies and chart straight paths for climate control protocols.

Is it a perfect storm or a new sunrise in early spring?

The rest is easy

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