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Donna Elaine Egan Donahoo | Passages

Donna Elaine Egan Donahoo passed away on June 17, 2021. She passed away peacefully after a long and hard battle with cancer. Donna was born October 21, 1941 in Joliet, Illinois, daughter of Donald and Annabelle Reed Egan. She is survived by her husband Larry Donahoo of Friday Harbor Washington; sister Shan Egan of Foster City, California and her brother Thomas Egan of Spokane, Washington and several beloved nieces and nephews.

Donna graduated from Pasco High School and received her BA from Eastern Washington State College and later an MA from Bank Street College in New York City. She then attended the Bank Street Day Care Consultation Service and traveled across the United States to collect material for a book she and two other members wrote.

Donna had an insatiable appetite for travel and has spent her life in other parts of the world. She began her travels with a university year abroad in Denmark and after graduation she taught in Birmingham, England. From Birmingham, Donna moved to Beirut, Lebanon, to live and teach at the American Community School of Beirut. She continued to teach in Beirut until the civil war prevented her from living in Lebanon and she moved to New York to attend Bank Street College. Donna then moved to teach and live in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, where she and Larry met. They married in 1987 on the island of Cyprus and lived in a village house she bought and renovated while working in Saudi Arabia. Larry and Donna then spent the next 10 years in Saudi Arabia with ARAMCO with an assignment in Pasadena and San Francisco, California. They retired and moved to Friday Harbor, Washington in 1996.

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