Employees required to complete online compliance training

MCPS sent a message to staff Outlook inboxes on June 15, regarding mandatory compliance training for all employees for the 2021-2022 school year. In case you missed it, the information is below:

Montgomery County Public Schools are committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning and working environment for students and staff in our district. To fulfill this commitment, all staff are required to complete annual district-wide compliance training for the 2021-2022 school year.

This training is designed to ensure that every employee has the information necessary to establish and maintain a positive, safe, healthy and legal climate and culture in which all adults and students can thrive and do their best.

The compulsory training consists of 11 online modules designed to be completed in half a day. Topics include:

  • prevent, recognize and report child abuse and neglect;
  • equal opportunities in the workplace;
  • prevention of bullying, harassment (including sexual harassment) and bullying;
  • religious diversity;
  • ethics and conflict of interest;
  • security in the digital age;
  • and other important issues.

The pre-assessment format for seven of the modules is intended for our returning employees. Successful completion of the pre-assessment questions will be awarded module completion with no further access required. Additionally, portions of the content have been revised to reflect changes in federal, state, and local compliance requirements. Newly hired employees will be required to complete all 11 modules without the option of a pre-assessment format.

Depending on your role at MCPS, you may need to take job-specific trainings that are separate and in addition to the district-wide compliance modules. Your manager or supervisor will advise you of these requirements. The mandatory compliance training requirement, by employee associations, is as follows:

Itinerary with required completion dates

Access to online training opens on July 1, 2021:

MCEA – A half day (4 hours) will be scheduled during the pre-employment week for all MCEA school staff to complete online training on compliance. Members of the MCEA unit may choose to complete the online compliance training prior to the start of the initial training week. This is admissible. For teachers who do, they will be released from the four hours scheduled during the initial training week devoted to compliance training.

MCEA Compliance Training Instructions and Completion Times

SEIU – PLEASE NOTE: All 10-month and 12-month Overtime Service Employees Local 500 unit members are required to complete the training during their regular working hours. Unit members cannot take this training, even voluntarily, outside of their regular hours of service.

SEIU Compliance Training Instructions and Completion Times


MCAAP, MCBOA and others – Compliance training instructions and completion deadlines

SUBSTITUTES (Permanent and Temporary)

Substitute Compliance Training Instructions

Due to the importance of this training, school personnel will not be allowed to work with students until the training is completed. In the event of non-compliance, staff in the Office of Employee Engagement and Labor Relations and the Student Welfare and Compliance Unit will work directly with principals and supervisors to determine specific actions. to take. To help you access and view the modules, Click here. For questions regarding compliance training, contact the Student Welfare and Compliance Unit at 240-740-3215 or by email at [email protected]


Dr Monifa B. McKnight
Acting Superintendent of Schools

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