Here’s what you need to know about Fortnite’s new UFO-themed season

Several sci-fi franchises are coming together in the new season of Fortnite to help fight an alien invasion.

Superman is the main character in Chapter 2, Season 7, which premiered on Tuesday, June 8. But you’ll also get space-themed helpers from a customizable alien named Kymera and possibly a “Star Trek” character, as Battle Pass’s iconic leveling system includes a Vulcan salute.

A Battle Pass requires you to either purchase a monthly Fortnite subscription for $ 11.99 or purchase the pass directly in the in-game currency, known as V-bucks. (1,000 V-Bucks costs $ 9.99, and the Season costs 950 V-Bucks.)

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There are some big changes going on in the new season, and we’re not just talking about the sudden shift from a prehistoric “Jurassic Park” style season to futuristic alien combat. We took a quick look at the season and saw quite a few space-themed things to enjoy.

The battle pass system with levels 1 to 100 has disappeared; instead, as you level up you will receive five “Battle Stars” per level to spend on specific rewards you want. (The previous Battle Pass required players to all receive rewards in a fixed order.) From page 2 of rewards, however, you will see a few skins that you can only receive after purchasing everything on the pages first. , like the character “Sunny” who includes a T-shirt that says “I don’t believe in humans”.

Some of our other favorite space themed rewards include the Flying Saucer Glider, Black Hole Themed “Abduction” and “Reversing” trails, a loading screen with a character holding a sign asking the aliens to “Get me out of here” and the “Alie-Yum” emote which appears to show an alien looking at something tasty. The “unzipped” emote is also a pretty cool alien trope.

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Aliens are invading Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7.

Aliens are invading Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. (Image credit: Epic Games)

The map also includes some new areas. “Corny Conflicts” is now a new area of ​​the map where there were crop circles and it appears to be a center for combating alien conflict, although more details should be revealed as the season progresses.

Also look for “Believer Beach” – where there appears to be a party zone, complete with floats and alien-themed graffiti. There we received a game reward called “Take me to your boss” upon landing. Shortly after, we experienced an “abduction,” which saw an alien ship grab us, trap us, and fly us through the air – then drop us maybe a mile and a half on the map.

The map also features the mothership hovering over what was once the Spire, and hot areas of alien conflict (marked in purple) in Pleasant Park and Dirty Docks. When you land in the areas marked with purple, watch out for a set of futuristic agents called “IO” – which will shoot you as soon as they see you – as well as the inevitable flying saucers.

You’ll also notice a lot of weird purple flowers around the map, which came with the aliens, but so far they just make weird noises as you pass. As you run around avoiding UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and other players, you can pick up alien artifacts across the island or inside “cosmic chests,” another upgrade from previous seasons. As you spend the artifacts, you can claim styles, including the customizable Kymera outfit.

Players can hack and fly flying saucers – a quick improvement over some of the planes we’ve seen in the past. There appear to be rail gun type weapons that shoot through structures, which can come in handy in situations where you’re up against a few enemy players as the storm descends. Much like last season, you can receive Bars by completing quests or – a new addition for Season 7 – payphones. Sending the bars will allow you to upgrade your weapons and gain other benefits.

We have detected what appears to be a digitizing device, possibly another reference to “Star Trek”, as well as crafting materials that allow players to craft older and previously retired weapons from previous seasons. Fortnite is announcing other “new high-tech weapons,” including a Pulse Rifle, Spray Beam Pistol, and Rail Pistol to take down flying saucers.

See the flying saucers in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. (Image credit: Epic Games)

When you log in, a cutscene plays out showing a huge “Independence Day” style ship descending on the island after a series of mysterious Islander disappearances. It appears that the Spire, one of the locations from the last season, is destroyed after the UFO sucks up the Zero point energy source this seems to be the center of reality in Fortnite.

The season trailer on Fortnite’s Twitter feed shows a swarm of UFOs in sleek, circular ships descending to Fortnite Island. Luckily our old friend Agent Jonesy is there with his former boss Doctor Sloane and a host of characters, curiously including the Instagram influencer. Guggimon which has over a million followers.

“We are now on the brink of war with an enemy we do not understand. We are facing impossible odds,” Sloane says in the trailer. “But we have something that they don’t have – a reason to fight,” she adds.

As Superman appears onscreen and begins to fly, Sloane continues, “Whether you’ve always been here or are a visitor from another star, this island is ours and if it’s war they want, we’ll give it to them. “

Stay tuned for more alien fun as the season progresses.

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