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Online Debt: Teenager Kidnaps and Kills Underage Cousin for Ransom in Nagaur | Jaipur News

Jaipur: A 12-year-old boy was reportedly kidnapped and murdered by his 16-year-old cousin who wanted to pay off debts by demanding ransom from Gudheela village in the Laadnun police station area of ​​Nagaur. The accused boy was heavily in debt after playing online games in which the player would have to pay money through their e-wallet.
He had taken out loans from various people, including his neighbors, after he became addicted to online games. He reportedly first invited his cousin and later sent a ransom message asking for Rs 5 lakh from the boy’s father. After killing the boy, the accused also buried him near the village. Police said the 12-year-old boy disappeared from his village on December 8. “While our team was trying to find him, we obtained an FIR from the father of the missing boy. He said he received a ransom call through a social media account in which the sender of the message demanded a ransom of Rs 5 lakh. Our cyber cell team tracked down the IP address and discovered that it was in the village where the boy had disappeared, ”Nagaur Police Superintendent Abhijeet Singh said.
The technical surveillance team discovered that the cell phone number used to send the message belonged to the 16-year-old boy. As the location of the mobile was in the village and the IP address was also found, we invited the 16 year old boy to question him and told him that the phone used to send the message on social media to the child’s father belonged to him. He confessed his crime.
On Monday, after questioning, we managed to recover the body of the 12-year-old boy buried near the village by the boy accused on Monday, ”Singh added.
Police were stunned as to why the 12-year-old boy was killed. “The accused, a 16 year old boy, was an addict to online games, which requires you to have money in your e-wallet to progress to different levels. He had taken out loans from villagers and traders. He had asked the 12 year old boy to come see him. He later created a fake social media account and sent a message to the boy’s father asking for a ransom of Rs 5 lakh, ”Singh added.
The accused boy was arrested by the police and is being questioned.


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