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Post-Brexit (2021) changes to passport rules, roaming, driving documents and more revealed

Martin: “These are the first tangible changes to the practical rules”

Martin Lewis, Founder of, said: “These are the first tangible changes we see in the rules of thumb after the transition period is over – and they are unlikely to be the last. While not overwhelming for the most part, they do mean that we will need to be more organized and better plan our trips to Europe, especially pet owners, who will need to be prepared for long delays.

“Mobile roaming in the EU is likely to become a competitive battleground. I suspect that Three will definitely keep their “homecoming roaming” [Three has since confirmed that this is the case], because it strongly corresponds to the brand and constitutes its power movement. Others can follow, but probably only on higher-level packages.

“There is still a lack of clarity on what will happen to the European Health Insurance Card, which currently gives UK travelers the right to use public hospitals and general practitioners at the same price as local ones.

“I suspect the card itself will end, but where possible similar deals will be made. The government has already said it would like something similar to continue. Yet I know this problem is. Of particular concern to many older travelers who rely on cards – and who are currently frustrated that they can’t plan ahead until they know what’s going on. “

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