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The traditional media ecosystem is rapidly evolving as the distinctions between a brand, agency and publisher increasingly blur. This had an impact on the role of digital media, who creates it, and who publishes it, fueling the growth of ‘branded content‘- where a publisher shares their storytelling devices with a brand. This emerging form of marketing has rapidly evolved as a natural extension of digital marketing strategy across the globe, providing a unique opportunity for marketers to create interactive and immersive experiences for their target audience.

With the decline of third party cookie, premium publishers around the world are in a unique position to take advantage of this huge opportunity to help brands achieve their marketing goals. Some of the biggest publishers in the world such as The Economist, BBC, The Washington Post and Internet schedules have set up in-house brand studios that function as fully integrated branding and marketing consultancies – and they have a clear advantage over traditional consultancies:

Brand context and security
The most crucial ingredient for a campaign’s success is context and brand safety. Leading premium content publishing conglomerates such as Times Internet have unparalleled access to a daily stream of premium content, a suite of content producers and a large captive audience that provide a safe brand environment for advertising partners.

Access to first party data
The big premium content publishing powers have access to first-party consumer data that can be leveraged for advanced data-driven targeting capabilities. For example, Times Internet’s advertising partners have access to targeting options based on first-party behavioral and demographic data from over half a billion users, collected from over 35 top online destinations, including some of the biggest and most trusted publishers and digital brands first. .

One-stop solution for integrated marketing needs
Unfortunately, most individual production agencies are forced to seek out independent talent, hire production facilities and staff, and coordinate with multiple digital and creative agencies to serve a client. In contrast, in-house content studios grouped under premium publishers have the flexibility and seamless access to content creation, engagement, and content distribution models that can make or break a client’s advertising needs.

Times Internet’s Spotlight content studio offers the customer the option of choosing between 1D formats such as text or photo articles and stories, 2D formats such as immersive content, videos and animations, or options 4D such as branded events (IPS) and social experiences, among others. .

The Experiential Content arm of Times Internet – Spotlight is an end-to-end, branded content studio that works closely with marketers on their content and storytelling needs. From collaboration to content strategy, to the idea of ​​native ideas and branded content, to the creation of video solutions, Spotlight is a one-stop solution that brings real added value to your content plan. This means that whenever a brand partner presents a brand problem, the studio is able to independently strategize for the best creative solution – as it has for some of the biggest brands in all. sectors, especially Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Payment, Tata, Pepsi, Cisco, Siemens, IBM, Intel, HDFC Life, OnePlus, among others.

As we move into the age of information overload, where there is more and more content and less meaning, brands will invariably resort to humanistic stories that create value and elevate the relationship between brands and people on another level. As this transition from transactional and conventional advertising to identifiable and original branded narratives, it is imperative that content studios deliver the perfect blend of adtech muscle and evocative storytelling in order to spark meaningful conversation. Branded content is ultimately about relevance, meaning and truth – because people forget what brands promise, but they never forget how brands make them feel. It’s at the heart of the success of the next generation of marketing leaders and content studios.

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