Using the hologram in the security function for currency gains

German banknote paper maker Louisenthal won an award from the International Association of Hologram Manufacturers for “Best Applied Security Product”.

It’s called Micromirror LEAD Stripe, a new security feature that appears prominently on a series of four “interior notes”.

Each of the four notes is made up of a newly developed substrate called Hybrid ADDvance, which consists of a cotton core, a variety of safety features, and an extremely thin foil coating. This combination, says the firm, provides “the familiar cotton feel that people instinctively trust,” as well as resistance to dirt and wear.

Micromirror lead strip

The Micromirror LEAD strip is also present on the note. The manufacturer explains this as “an integrated interface of hologram and micromirror technologies, combining a traditional hologram with a micromirror function incorporating dynamic light and color as well as 3D effects.” It is said that this device, in conjunction with layered paper, is almost impossible to duplicate.

Each of the four notes in the series tells a different story, but all are crafted around the theme of hidden or protected treasures that one discovers by looking at the back of the note. For example, the first note in the series and the one submitted for the award shows a crab in its shell on a beach in front of a lighthouse. The roughness of the crab shell comes to life with intaglio printing.

On the horizon, the lighthouse beacon is integrated into the secure golden strip and comes to life when the note is tilted. This is accomplished through a combination of micromirror and hologram technologies. These are also the basis of the cloud and the denomination number.

Under an ultraviolet lamp, the lighthouse shines, connecting the foil and the printed elements. Seagull watermarks add depth to the image and provide further reference to the aluminum safety feature.

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